Publishing Ethics

For Authors:

  • The author writes the script / article based on the research report or literature review.
  • The author writes each reference used in the text according to the rules of scientific writing.
  • The author must ensure that the manuscript is written free of plagiarism.
  • The author can ensure that the manuscript sent to the Pengabdian Untuk Kesejahteraan Umat Journal has never been published in other media, and is not being sent to other journals.

For Reviewers:

  • Reviewer assists the editor in making editorial decisions and editors who then submit to the author. The assistance provided by reviewers concerns content review of a text/article.
  • Every text received for review must be treated as a confidential document. Manuscripts may not be displayed or discussed with others except as permitted by the editor.
  • Review must be carried out objectively with arguments that support according to scientific rules.

For Editors :

  • Editor ensures articles are in accordance with the focus / scope of the scientific journal. The responses from reviewers will be used as a basis for the Editor to determine whether an article can be accepted, accepted with a revision (accepted with major / minor revision), or rejected.
  • An article is refused to be published due to various considerations, including because the article is not in accordance with the scope of the economic and management journals, the writing is not sufficient to be classified in a scientific writing, a fundamental method error, or because the author refuses to do the remedies given by reviewers without a logical basis.
  • The order of publishing is adjusted to the order in which articles and article revisions are submitted to the editorial board.
  • The editor does not have to disclose any information about the manuscript submitted to anyone other than the author, including the reviewer.