Focus and Scope

This journal consists of three sections. The paper must be submitted according to the section:

Management and Bussines
Financial Management
Working capital management, accounts receivable, inventory, cash budgeting, time value of money, capital market, financial performance, financial statement analysis, break-even point (BOP), Economic Order Quantity (EOQ), capital structure, the structure of asset, investment decisions, dividend policy.
Human Recources Management
Human Resources Planning, Human resources management challenges, Human resources strategy, job analysis, recruitment, selection, employee orientation and placement, organizational culture, work ethics, training and development, employee performance, career and development, compensation, motivation, welfare, Health and Safety of Employees, Labour Unions, SWOT Analysis.
Marketing Management
Marketing planning, long-term marketing, operations and budgeting, marketing concepts and processes, marketing management, 5P policies and strategies, marketing organizational structures, marketing processes and climate, marketing information systems, market analysis, target markets, SWOT analysis, retail management, marketing mix, market share.
Operational Management
Production system planning, production control, raw material control, labour control, quality control, maintenance, production information systems, productivity, work standards, quality management. 
Strategic Management
The development of organizational culture, organizational structure, budget preparation, compliance and development of information systems, employee compensation and performance, SWOT analysis, corporate strategy, business strategy, functional strategies. 

Micro and Macroeconomics
Factors of production, demand and supply, prices, income, interest rates, inflation, exchange rates, fiscal and monetary policies, banking and financial institutions, economic growth, national income. 
Consumer behaviour, producer behaviour, price balance, elasticity, production theory, market, distribution, producer costs, profit and loss, price of goods, analysis of costs and benefits, income, industry, market mechanism.

Finance and Taxation
Financial statements, financial accounting, public sector accounting, management accounting, cost accounting, banking accounting, Islamic accounting and financial management, auditing, corporate governance, ethics and professionalism, corporate finance, capital market, accounting information system, sustainability reporting, corporate social responsibility, internal control system, management control systems. 
Tax planning, tax regulations, local revenue, income tax, value-added tax (VAT), luxury tax, customs and excise, tax amnesty, tax compliance, tax accounting.