Klasifikasi Jenis Tanah Wakaf Muhammadiyah Di Tanjung Redeb Dengan Metode K-Means Berbasis Sig

  • Malik Fajar Universitas Muhammadiyah Kalimantan Timur
  • Rudiman Rudiman
Keywords: QGIS, Muhammadiyah, K-Means, Rapid Miner, SIG


Purpose of study: To make mapping and classifying Muhammadiyah waqf land data in Tanjung Redeb City.

Methodology: The research was conducted using the K-Means Clustering algorithm method. Then the Muhammadiyah waqf land data was processed using Rapid Miner software.

Results: The results obtained after mapping and grouping showed that Karang Ambun Village had the most waqf land locations.

Applications: From the results obtained in this study, it becomes a reference for the Muhammadiyah Business Charity Board to be a reference material in making decisions and can consider building facilities for the Muhammadiyah Business Charity Agency based on the location of the waqf land in Tanjung Redeb City so that development can grow evenly in each location. waqf land owned by Muhammadiyah.


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