Author Guidelines

In submitting manuscripts to Jurnal Ilmu Kesehatan, authors should take special note that manuscripts must conform to all Jurnal Ilmu Kesehatan style requirements. Authors should follow the requirements for citations and references, figures, and tables. The manuscripts that do not follow the requirement of Jurnal Ilmu Kesehatan style may be returned to authors for modification.

All papers submitted to the journal should be written in English start from June 2019. Authors whose English is not their native language, are encouraged to have their paper checked before submission for grammar and clarity. The work should not have been published or submitted for publication elsewhere, and free plagiarism. 

Authors should arrange manuscript based on Jurnal Ilmu Kesehatan Manuscript Template.


Manuscript Guideline

Submission Process

Author must register in submission section before submit the manuscript. After that prepare the manuscript had followed the template carefully. Login by username and pasword that already registered and click “New Submission”. Please follow steps in the system until finish.

Manuscript Title

Title no more than 15 words. Write align text to the left, Font Time New Roman, Font size 16, Bold.

Author and Affiliation

Names write without title and format Firstname Lastname.

Affiliation consists of : Department, College/University/Institution name, Country.

Coresponding author consist the email.


Write the Abstract of the paper in Times New Roman, Font Size 11 space single, and Normal. The Abstract should not more than 250 Words. Please do not use any abbreviation and compound numbers in the abstract. Abstract contain of background, methods, results and conclusions.  Background highlights the place, problems and purpose of the study. Methods describe all of the method or treatment applied in the study. Results determine the main finding regarding the study. Conclusions give final conclusion of the summary result. Provide 5-7 appropriate keywords suitable for the manuscript.


Introduction is highlight the place or location of the study and main problems that it is important. Current research with similar field that published around 5 years could be cited. Write the research gab with previous researchers that this study is important to do. Finally, mention the purpose of the study.

Material and Method

Materials and methods should describe complete material applied in the study. Method should contain all steps and rule that used, include the procedure clearly. New method, new procedure or new treatment could be cited from previous researcher that available on the field. Study about animal or human need requirement to provide ethical approval.  

Result and Discussion

This section should provide all result of the study briefly that makes reader easy understand. It could be divided in subsection to explanation separately.  





Results and discussions could present in schemes, figures, graphs, tables, reactions and equations.

Schemes, figures and graphs should be cited by Fig. 1. on below center align.

Table title should be placed above the table, center aligns with remark Table 1 and make table just use horizontal line on first column and the last.

Reactions and equations write by remark number on the last, right align as below:

H2O + CO2                                                                        (1)

A = p x l                                                                            (2)


This section is decribe the final conclusion from the summary result of the study. Do not repeat the result in this section.


Present the acknowledge to who helping and support include funding.

Conflict of Interest

All Authors declare no conflict of interest and agree with the content of the manuscript.


References follow mendeley, American Psychological Association 7th edition style, a single space, justify. Minimal contain 20 references update around 5 years ago, 80% from the journals.



Author 1, X. Y., Author 2, X. Y., Author 3, X. Y., Author 4, X. Y., & Author 5, X. Y. (2020). Title of the Journal Article. Name of the Journal, Vol(No), page 226-242.


Author 1, X. Y., Author 2, X. Y., Author 3, X. Y., Author 4, X. Y., & Author 5, X. Y. (2020). Title of the Proceeding Article. Name of the IOP Conference Series, Vol(No), page 26-42.


Author 1, X. Y., Author 2, X. Y., Author 3, X. Y., Author 4, X. Y., & Author 5, X. Y. (2020). Title of the Book (edition number if any), Publisher, City, Website publisher


Author 1, X. Y., Author 2, X. Y, & Author 3, X. Y. (Year, Month date). Title of the page or section. URL

Example : Center for Disease Control and Prevention. (2018, August 22). Preventing HPV-associated cancers.