Focus and Scopes

JSE Journal of Science and Technology consists of three sections. Paper must be submitted according to the section.

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
 Multiphase and multifunctional materialsVehicle System Dynamics
Hydromechanics and Hydrodynamics
Computer-aided Engineering and Computer-aided Manufacturing
Design and Drafting
 Smart Materials and Adaptive Structures in Design
Mechatronics and Robotics
Friction, Tribology and Welding
Heating and Cooling Systems
 Impact and Crashworthiness
Mechanical Engineering Technology
 Shape and Topology Optimisation
 Structural Optimisation
Mechanical Systems
Applied Mechanics
 Geometric Modelling and CAD Tools in Design
Micro Electro-mechanical Systems
 Metallurgy and Materials Science
Structural Mechanical Analysis
 Nanotechnology and Applied Nanoscience
Failure and Fracture Mechanics
√ Energy Conversion System
√ Control system design

Structural and Civil Engineering
 Infrastructure engineering
 transportation engineering
 structural engineering
 structural dynamics
 risks and mitigation engineering
 environmental engineering
 structure-fluid-soil interaction
 wind engineering
 fire engineering
 multi-scale analysis
 constitutive modeling and experimental testing
 construction materials
 composite materials in engineering structures
 novel computational modeling techniques
 engineering economics.

Informatics and Information Technology
 Computer applications in knowledge-based and expert systems
Computer applications in information technology and communication
Computer-aided learning (CAL)
Computer modelling and simulation
Synthetic approach for engineering
Man-machine interface
Software engineering and management
Management techniques and methods
Human computer interaction
Real-time systems
New software tools and multimedia modules for engineering education
Development and implementation experiences of Internet and web-based courses
New software tools for virtual and real laboratory development
Distance learning and use of technology-based tools in classroom teaching
Visualization, computer graphics
social networking tools, and I/O issues
Use of commercial software tools in education

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